Amcor Electric Heater AHM8 User Guide

Model AHM8  
Wall Mountable/Portable Heater  
For more information, please see the enclosed Owner’s Manual,  
or call 1-866-361-2233, or visit  
Installing Wheels  
Fig. A  
Fig. B  
Fig. C  
As shown in Figure A, the two wheel  
sets come with looped clips that  
snap into the unit.  
Figure B displays the back of the unit where the  
wheel sets are set in place, directly over the  
screw holes on the unit.  
As shown in Figure C, you must align the looped  
clips in the open slots bordering the hole set  
on the unit. The wheel sets should then click  
in place as shown in Figure C as well.  
NOTE: The supported block side of the wheel  
sets aligns with the back side lip of the unit.  
Fig. D  
Fig. E  
Fig. F  
Figure D shows the successful  
completion of the aligned looped  
clips inserted into the open slots  
after they have “clicked” into place.  
With a small Phillips-head screwdriver, take the  
provided screw and secure the wheel set into  
place. Example shown in Figure E.  
Figure F displays the successful completion  
and the security of the completed wheel set.  
The mobility of your new Amcor AMH-8  
Portable heater is now complete and you are  
now free to move it around your room.  
Removing Wheels  
Fig. G  
Make sure the unit is unplugged and cooled before  
taking the following steps.  
Turn the unit over.  
With a Phillips head screwdriver, please remove the screw.  
Please do not attempt removing the wheel sets out  
immediately; they are locked into place by the looped inserts.  
As shown in Figure G, push the loops outward to remove  
them off the locked position. This will then free the wheels so  
that you may remove them from the unit easily.  
Make sure you place the wheel sets and screws in a safe place  
for future use.  

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