Amcor AHW 164 user manual

AHW 164  
User manual  
Thank you for choosing this innovative Amcor air conditioner. We suggest  
that you keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. It describes the  
many benefits and advanced features this unique product has to offer.  
Before you use your new air conditioner you should carefully read these  
instructions to maximise this product’s performance and the proper  
The appearance of the unit that you purchased may differ from the one  
described in the manual. This does not affect its proper operation and usage.  
For over 50 years Amcor has specialised in complete indoor environmental  
control, manufacturing and marketing; dehumidifiers, portable air  
conditioners, coolers, air purifiers, ionizers and aroma therapy scent  
diffusers. These world class products incorporate the latest technological  
• The inside unit is designed for indoor operation only.  
• Rating: This unit must be connected to a 230 V / 60 Hz earthed outlet.  
• The installation must be in accordance with regulations of the state where  
the unit is used.  
If you are in any doubt about the electrical installation, have it checked and if  
necessary modified by a qualified electrician.  
• The air conditioner is safe. However, as with other electrical appliances,  
use it with care. The appliance is not intended for use by young children or  
infirm persons without supervision.  
• Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with  
the appliance (remote control).  
• Do not clean the air conditioner by spraying it or immersing it in water.  
• Do not insert any object into the opening of the air conditioner.  
• Disconnect it from the mains before cleaning the unit or any of its  
• Never connect the unit to an electrical outlet using an extension cord. If an  
outlet is not available, one should be installed by a licensed electrician.  
• Never operate this appliance if it has a damaged cord. Do not lead the cord  
over sharp edges.  
• A damaged supply cord should be replaced by the manufacturer, its service  
agent or a qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.  
• Any service other than regular cleaning or filter replacement should be  
performed by an authorized service representative. Failure to do so could  
result in a loss of warranty.  
• Never operate with wet hands.  
• Do not attach, hang or stack anything onto the air conditioner.  
• Do not sit on the exterior unit and do not stack anything on it.  
• Do not insert anything into the air vents.  
• Do not use combustion apparatus in the room where the air conditioner  
is functioning. When it is necessary to use air conditioner along with  
combustion apparatus in the same room, make sure there is sufficient  
• The units may not be installed in places where there might be leakage of  
combustible gases: fire hazard.  
• Disconnect the power supply when the unit will not be used for a longer  
period of time.  
Do not use your air conditioner when:  
The power cord is  
There is a change  
of liquids falling on  
the unit.  
There is a risk of  
interference from  
foreign objects.  
It is close to a heat This air conditioner  
is not made for DIY  
In case of any abnormal occurrence (smoke, smell, ...), stop the operation  
at once, cut off the power supply and contact the dealer or authorized  
maintenance people.  
When removal or repair is required, make sure to contact the professional  
maintenance and installation people or authorized dealer.  
The compressor (6) in the exterior  
unit compresses the refrigerant into  
a high-temperature, high-pressure  
gas. When this gas flows along  
the cooling fins of the condenser  
(7), heat is exuded and the gas  
condenses into a liquid, which is led  
to the evaporator (1) in the interior  
unit. The liquid expands into a  
gas at a low temperature and low  
This gas absorbs the warmth of the  
air in the room, the cooled air is  
blown back into the room and the  
heat is led to the compressor along  
with the gas.  
1. Evaporator  
2. Filter  
3. Fan  
5. Liquid line  
6. Compressor  
7. Condenser  
8. Fan  
4. Gas line  
A fan (3) draws the air (a) over the filter (2) and blows the cooled air (b) back  
into the room.  
A fan (8) draws air over the condenser and blows warm air (d) away.  
As with cooling, the moisture in the air condenses on the cold evaporator at  
room temperature.  
Note: The symbols on your AHW 164 remote control may differ from the ones  
used in this manual.  
LCD display:  
Auto mode  
Fan mode  
Fan mode  
Fan speed indicator  
Auto (fan, vane control)  
Airflow direction  
Order of timer operation  
Timer on  
Timer off  
Temperature set  
Using the remote control  
The remote control signal has a range of up to 8 m. Point the remote  
control at the receiver in the interior unit.  
A beep confirms that the remote control signal has been received.  
Replacing the batteries  
• remove the cover.  
• replace the AAA batteries, pay attention to polarity: + to + and - to -  
• install the cover.  
CLK button - To set the present time.  
RST button - To reset all values to factory standard.  
Turn the appliance on with the ON/OFF button . This activates the most  
recent setting.  
• The ON/OFF button  
turns the appliance off; the type of operation set at  
that time is stored in the memory.  
• The MODE button cycles through the various modes in this order: auto  
cool , dehumidify , fan  
• The desired temperature is set with the up  
and/or down -button,  
within the limits of the thermostat: 64 °F – 86 °F (18 °C – 30 °C). Each time  
the -button is pressed, the set temperature increases with 1 °F (or 1 °C);  
similarly when the -button is pressed, the set temperature decreases  
with 1 °F (or 1 °C).  
• Use the FAN SPEED button to set the fan speed at low: , medium: , high:  
or automatic: . The fan speed in the automatic setting is determined  
by the difference between the set temperature and the room temperature.  
Setting the time  
The current time must be set after initial installation and at the start of a new  
period of use. With batteries (new, if necessary) in the remote control:  
Press the CLK-button in the battery compartment with the  
tip of a pencil. The time indicator will flash. First use the  
HOUR button to set the hours, then the MIN button to set the  
minutes. Press the CLK-button again.  
The time is used for the timer function, so accurate setting of  
the current time is important.  
Auto mode  
1. Press the MODE button until the auto mode symbol  
2. The difference between set temperature and room  
temperature determines how the appliance will operate:  
cool, dehumidify or fan. The up and down buttons  
for temperature setting will not work, set the desired  
temperature before activating auto mode.  
3. Use the FAN SPEED button to set the fan speed.  
1. Press the MODE button until the cool symbol appears.  
2. Set the desired temperature with the up  
and/or down  
3. Use the FAN SPEED button to set the fan speed.  
1. Press the MODE button until the dehumidify symbol  
2. Set the desired temperature with the up  
down -button.  
3. The FAN SPEED button does not work in dehumidify mode.  
The fan speed will always be low in this mode.  
Fan mode  
1. Press the MODE button until the fan symbol appears.  
2. Set the desired temperature with the up  
down -button.  
3. Use the FAN SPEED button to set the fan speed.  
Sleep mode  
1. Press the SLEEP button to reduce the noise level of the air  
flow from the inside unit. Cancel the sleep mode by pressing  
this button again.  
2. Fan speed is set to low, pressing the FAN SPEED button will  
deactivate the sleep mode.  
3. When sleep mode is activated, the symbol will be visible in the display.  
Timer on function  
1. Press the AUTOSTART button to set the ON-timer,  
will be  
2. Press the HOUR button to set hours.  
3. Press the MIN button to set the minutes in intervals of  
10 minutes.  
Once the set time has elapsed, the appliance will switch itself on.  
Press the AUTOSTART button again to cancel the timer on function.  
Timer off function  
1. Press the AUTOSTOP button to set the OFF-timer during  
will be displayed.  
2. Press the HOUR button to set hours.  
3. Press the MIN button to set the minutes in intervals of  
10 minutes.  
Once the set time has elapsed, the appliance will switch itself off.  
Press the AUTOSTOP button again to cancel the timer off function.  
Timer on and timer off can be used in combination . The function for which  
the set time is reached first will be performed.  
Note: the timer function can only be activated if the current time has been set.  
Air flow direction  
Fins (vertical vanes)  
Press the IN FLAP button to let the fins turn left/right for  
an air flow direction that is comfortable to you.  
Press the OUT FLAP button to change the horizontal direction of the air flow, the  
vanes take these positions in sequence:  
Usually the auto position works fine.  
Positions (1) and (2) are recommended for cool and  
dehumidify mode.  
After one hour of operation in position (4) or (5), the vane  
position will revert to level in order to prevent condensed water  
dropping down the vanes.  
Manually handling of the vanes may cause damage, use the remote control.  
Do not expose anybody to the cool air for a long period of time. This may  
discomfort the body which may be harmful to the health.  
Auto restart  
As a protective measure of the compressor, the air conditioner will automatic  
restart 3 minutes after electricity is restored following a power cut. If in doubt,  
check the settings.  
Note: After shut down you have to wait 3 minutes before you can restart.  
Range of internal thermostat  
The internal thermostat can be set at a desired temperature between 64 °F  
(18 °C) and 86 °F (30 °C).  
Note: whether the desired value is achieved depends on conditions in the  
The required cooling capacity depends greatly on the location and/or use  
of the room where the air conditioner is installed. Strong sunlight and the  
presence of people, lights or equipment create an additional heat load.  
Normal living spaces require about 35 BTU per square feet of floor surface  
(~100 W/m2). In strong sunlight or if other sources of heat are present, this  
may be as much as 125 BTU/ft2.h (~350 W/m2).  
Tip: on warm days, let the air conditioner cool the room as much as possible  
during the night. Cold walls and furniture will help to keep the room pleasant  
during use. Avoid strong sunlight.  
Emergency start  
In the event of a problem or missing remote control, the air  
conditioner can be operated using the emergency button  
under the panel in the interior unit. Open the front panel  
and press the button to switch on (in the mode last set) or  
to switch off.  
Turn the appliance off and disconnect the power.  
To open: at the A recesses, pull the  
front part up. The front part will stay  
horizontal (turn up 60 °).  
To close: press the front part down at  
the sides at B and in the middle at C.  
Make sure it is properly closed (click).  
1. Hold the front part open (or put it in horizontal position) and remove the  
2. A dirty filter reduces the capacity. Clean the filter gently, use a vacuum  
cleaner to remove dirt. If the dust filter is very dirty, it may be washed in  
lukewarm water with a very small amount of neutral detergent. Rinse well  
and allow to dry completely (not in direct sunlight or near a source of heat).  
3. Keep the grid panel open and reinstall the filter(s). Press the panel shut; a  
click indicates it is closed properly.  
4. Reconnect the power and turn the air conditioner on.  
Turn the appliance off and disconnect the power.  
Interior unit  
Check that the condensation outlet drains properly.  
Dust regularly with a dry cloth or slightly damp paper towel.  
Never use chemicals or solvents. Never spray a liquid in or over the appliance.  
Exterior unit  
Remove dirt and keep the air intake and exhaust openings free of leaves, etc.  
Cleaning with chemicals may cause damage.  
If the air conditioner is not going to be used for an extended period:  
• set in fan mode with temperature set at 86°F (30°C)  
for about half a day so that the inside will dry  
• stop the operation, switch off the power supply and  
take the batteries out the remote control  
• clean the inside and outside unit  
• clean the filters as well.  
If the air conditioner is to be used again after an extended period:  
• check that the air intake and exhaust openings of the  
interior and exterior units are not blocked. Remove all  
dirt and obstacles.  
• check that there is a clean filter in the interior unit.  
• check that the condensation outlet of the interior unit drains properly.  
• install 2 AAA batteries in the remote control.  
• clean the interior unit.  
• connect to the power source, turn the appliance on, set the time and  
desired setting.  
Note: make sure condensation is drained freely and that there is no obstacle  
such as algae growth, otherwise leaks may occur.  
Which Air Conditioner is best suited for your room?  
Many windows  
Much sunshine  
Size of the room  
(floor area)  
115 ft2  
225 ft2  
400 ft2  
575 ft2  
Less windows  
Less sunshine  
Cooling capacity  
The most suitable air conditioner depends on the surface area, sun location, window area,  
presence of heat sources (lamps, appliances, number of people etc.). Take this into account!  
Rule of thumb, in average sunshine conditions and no presence of other heat sources: 35 BTU/h  
per square foot (thus 18000 BTU/h (5.1 kW) cooling capacity suits a ~515 ft2 (~50 m2) room).  
Make sure to have the professional after-sales service  
person of our company or the authorized dealer to instal  
the units.  
• The units may not be installed in places where there  
might be leakage of combustible gases: fire hazard.  
• Make sure that an earth leakage circuit breaker is installed.  
• Check whether the connection of wires between indoor and outdoor unit is  
not loose.  
• Make sure that the air conditioner is properly earthed.  
• Check the supporting structures for proper strength to carry the weight  
plus a safety margin.  
Point of attention for the installation of electric components  
• HACR type breaker should be utilized along with proper installation.  
• Be sure to use the applicable voltage and cables or wires for the unit to be  
installed, before making the connections.  
• Read the prompts at the terminal board for wiring. Make sure the wiring is  
done correctly.  
• Pay attention to the poles of the signal terminal and connect the terminals  
to match the identification numbers.  
• The connecting wires and the breaker are not supplied. The specification is  
14 AWG, VW-1 (or THHW), copper core and 194 °F (90 °C). Their set screw  
diameter is 4 mm. The power source is 230 V, 60Hz, 1 phase. Minimum  
circuit ampacity of the wiring system is 20 A.  
When the wiring connections are wrong, the compressor will not work.  
Outdoor unit  
1 2 3 L3 L4 L1 L2  
• The earth wire must  
be connected to the  
indoor unit and the  
outdoor unit.  
• The installation of  
the power cables  
must be done by  
qualified electricians  
and comply with the  
1 2 3 L3 L4  
Indoor unit  
regulations of the local power supply authorities and with the standards for  
electric appliances.  
• The environment conditions must be taken into consideration when the  
power cable connections are made (ambient temperature, exposure to  
heat, sunlight).  
• The specifications for the power cable refer to the minimum values of the  
metal core wires. Taking into consideration the voltage losses, the core wire  
of the power cable must be one size larger than the specifications.  
Cases requiring immediate contact with your dealer:  
• breaker or fuse breaks off often.  
• malfunction of TV, radio or similar devices.  
• switch does not result in sure performance  
• abnormal noise during operation.  
• if a faulty operation does not disappear after restart (after having waited for  
3 minutes).  
Check the following before requesting after sales service from your dealer:  
The air conditioner does Is the unit connected to a power supply?  
not operate at all.  
Has the time been set?  
Is there a power failure or a blown fuse?  
Is the temperature set at a suitable value?  
Are the filters clean?  
Poor cooling  
Open window(s), door(s), heat source(s) or  
many people in the room?  
Is direct sunlight entering the room?  
Is the temperature set outside the operating  
The room temperature  
can not be controlled.  
The unit can not be  
To protect the unit, restarting is only possible  
restarted just after it has 3 minutes after a shut down.  
been switched off.  
Air is not blown out in  
dehumidifying mode.  
The indoor fan is sometimes stopped to prevent  
vapor of dehumidified moisture.  
Mist is blown out during This may sometimes occur when temperature  
cool mode.  
and humidity in the room are very high and  
disappears with the lowering.  
Odor is coming out.  
Room air may contains smells, accumulated on  
the filter this can return to the room.  
Cracking sound is heard. This is caused by the refrigerant circulating  
inside the unit.  
Caused by the expansion or contraction of  
plastics (especially after a restart).  
Operation can not be  
The memory of the unit was cleared. Operating  
the remote control will restart the operation.  
Remote control signal not Direct sunlight or other strong light on the signal  
received. receiver on the interior unit.  
Moisture drips from the When the unit is in operation for a long period of  
air outlet vanes.  
time in high humidity, moisture may form on the  
vanes and drip down. Check the condensation  
outlet for proper drainage.  
See barcode  
Serial number  
See barcode  
Serial number  
AHW 164  
230 V 60 Hz 1 Ph  
AHW 164  
230 V 60 Hz 1 Ph  
Power supply  
Power supply  
1.2 kW  
9.4 A  
circuit amperage  
6.4 A  
Rated current  
15 A  
current protection  
5.1 kW  
13 BTU/h W  
IP 20  
18000 BTU/h  
Rated power  
Cooling capacity  
Protection class  
5.1 kW  
2.4 / 4 MPa  
348/580 PSIG  
Pressure range  
64-86 o  
1040 m3/h  
13 BTU/h W  
18000 BTU/h  
18-30 oC  
36700 cu.ft/h  
Cooling capacity  
Thermostatic range  
4.85 lb  
2200 g  
Refrigerant load  
50-104 oF  
10-40 oC  
up to 40 L/day  
84 pts/day  
Operating range  
~44 - 50 dB(A)  
18 kg / 40 lb  
Noise level  
Weight net  
IP 24  
Protection class  
~65 dB(A)  
Noise level  
62 kg / 137 lb  
Weight net  
1. Do not cover the air discharge openings.  
2. Avoid risk of electric shock:  
disconnect before servicing.  
3. Use only on a single outlet.  
4.Wait 3 minutes after power has been  
switched off before restarting.  
5. Moving parts inside:  
do not operate when the cover is removed.  
6. A damaged power supply cord must be  
replaced with a new one obtained from  
the manufacturer and may not be repaired.  
1. Do not cover the air discharge openings.  
2. Avoid risk of electric shock:  
disconnect before servicing.  
3. Use only on a single outlet.  
4.Wait 3 minutes after power cut before restarting.  
5. Moving parts inside:  
do not operate when the cover is removed.  
6. A damaged power supply cord must be replaced  
with a new one obtained from the manufacturer  
and may not be repaired.  
7. Specification of the connecting wires: 14 AWG,  
VW-1 (or THHW), copper core and 90 °C.  
SEER 13  
SEER 13  
SA 12793  
SA 12793  
Made in P.R.C.  
cat# 913136150  
Carlstadt, New Yersey 07072  
Made in P.R.C.  
cat# 913136160  
Carlstadt, New Yersey 07072  
Data provided is subject to modifications and is not legally binding.  
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