Amcor Air Conditioner Single Zone Inverter Systems User Guide

An Innovative  
Product Portfolio  
Single Zone Inverter Systems  
• Advanced InverterTechnology  
Wireless Remote Control  
• Dehumidification Mode  
• Auto Swing Louver  
• Auto Restart  
• Auto Mode  
Temperature Display on Indoor Unit  
• Sleep Mode  
• Low Ambient Operation  
AmcorAire Ductless mini-split Heat Pump systems  
use Advanced InverterTechnology to constantly  
adjust output to maximize comfort and minimize  
energy costs.  
Now that’s a Breath of Fresh Air!  
Mini-Splits • Portable AC • Wine Refrigerators • Air Purifiers • Dehumidifiers • Water Leak Sensors • GPS  
Amcor Inc. 685-A Gotham Parkway · Carlstadt, NJ 07072 · 201 460-8100 · Fax 201 460-9481 ·  
Specifications and information subject to change with out notice.  
Contact Amcor for updates and review installation materials prior to installation.  

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